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Kenedi Holifield, a 25-year-old entrepreneur and award-winning published poet/author from Baltimore, Maryland, is the CEO of Storiesbyken. Since launching in March 2020, Storiesbyken has served as a platform for Kenedi to spread positivity through daily motivational quotes, share her poetry and short stories, and offer services such as resume writing and event poem creation.

Kenedi's journey with poetry began at the age of 10, drawing inspiration from personal experiences she bravely shares with her audience. Her work aims to create a safe space for others, emphasizing the beauty and strength found in vulnerability. One of her most beloved pieces, "Missing Piece," released in March 2020, is a heartfelt tribute to her late grandmother, who played a significant role in shaping her into the woman she is today.

In addition to "Missing Piece," Kenedi has penned several other poignant works, including "Happiness," "Promise," "The Difference," "Nobody’s Perfect," and her latest release, "Fragile." Her talent and dedication have been recognized by Kaytell Ink Publishing, with Kenedi winning their Crowd’s Favorite contest in both 2021 and 2022. 


Kenedi Holifield



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