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A connoisseur of the ghastly, Kayla Tellington (KayTell), at the young age of 24, has self-proclaimed herself as a formidable force in the realm of horror fiction. The thrill of weaving spine-chilling tales has been a lifelong passion, and Kayla's commitment to the craft is evident in her published work, "The Storm." Beyond her role as Editor-in-Chief of KayTell Publishing, Kayla is driven by a profound love for the horror genre—a fascination that stems from a life-long fear of darkness, silence, and insomnia-driven hallucinations.

Currently a high school English teacher, Kayla's decision to launch a small publishing house, KayTell Publishing, was fueled by the mission to provide a platform for emerging voices in the literary world and the pull she has to storytelling. Recognizing the challenges faced by budding writers, Kayla aims to create a space where unique narratives can find a home, ensuring that fresh perspectives and untold stories have the opportunity to shine. Through KayTell Publishing, Kayla aspires to foster a community of passionate writers and readers who share a love for the captivating, the eerie, and the unexplored in literature.

Kayla Tellington


Published Work[s]:

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